• Publication unit

One of the foremost chore of Office of External Relations, Partnerships and communications  is to efficiently  Communicate  the  goals,  objectives,  mission, vision  and  overall performance  of  Addis  Ababa University to the internal and external public through various publications(Newsletter, flayer, brochure, agenda, calendar etc,) electronic and print media outlets , websites, imaging and audio visual services, open records etc.

In this regard, aiming to communicate the major activities the university has been undertaking in teaching- learning; research and technology transfer, community services, institutional development and transformation to the internal and external community, the publication units of the Office of External Relations, Partnerships and communications, Addis Ababa University delivers information to the universitry community and the society at large through different publications which includes mainly AAU Monthly Newsletter, agenda and calendar, flyers, brochers, direction signs etc.

Being one of the communication tools, website is becoming a new concern in this contemporary digital age. The publication unit also amplifies the grand university wide activities and performances in news feature posting on the university’s web site with supportive pictures which can be accessed at www.aau.edu.et.

Publications, including those requiring no or partial editorial or design services, reprints or revisions of previously produced publications; publications produced by means of desktop publishing; and initial formats and editorial style for newsletters directed toward off-campus audiences.

It also subscribes newspapers and distribute them to the management hoping to keep them informed about the national and international current issues.