Office of External Relationships, Partnerships and Communication


Following the reorganization of the University in 2012, the Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications (OERPC) has got the present nomenclature by bringing together Office of External Relations and Partnerships and Communications Office.

OERPC is primarily in charge of coordinating and establishing university wide partnerships and collaborations with national and international  universities communicating universities; communicating   the goals, objectives,  and performance of the Addis Ababa University to internal and external public’s through electronic and print media, publications, websites, imaging and audiovisual services and use all possible media,

organize and manage press releases/press conferences to reach the external public. It further manages and provides internal services including publicities, photography, graphic design and business cards. Office of External Relations, partnerships and Communications is directly reported to Addis Ababa University President Office


The Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications aspires to strategically link AAU with prominent worldwide universities and internationalization of its graduate and undergraduate programs to become one of the best international universities in Africa.


The mission of the OERPC includes identifying strategic partners, strengthening strategic partnerships, signing and implementing the signed agreement with partners and promoting the image of the university through different media outlets nationally and internationally.


  • Professionalism is at the center of our duties
  • Stakeholders are at the center of our goals
  • Promote mutual interest
  • Transparency and accountability are central principles
  • Time management and division of tasks
  • Frequent consultations and respect for chain of command
  • Rule of law
  • Duty centeredness
  • Integrity and honest

Major Tasks of the office

    • Plan, coordinate and establish University partnerships and collaborations with national and international Universities, multi/bi-lateral organizations, NGOs, embassies, foundations, businesses etc.; and follow up their implementation.
    • Promote and expand AAU relations and memberships in Regional and Global University Associations and represent AAU in such forums.
    • Plan, lead and execute international students and scholars exchange programs of Addis Ababa University.
    • Communicate the goals, objectives, priorities and performance of Addis Ababa University to the public using electronic mass media, publications, websites, imaging and audio services, open records, visitors’ services, etc.
    • Provide support in policy analysis, public presentations and speech writing to AAU senior management;
    • Design, develop and manage special events that showcase AAU’s excellence and promote advocacy and support for AAU by mobilizing the University working units, planning and preparing detailed proposals for events: timelines, venues, supplies, manpower and budget;
    • Plan and manage the design, preparation and use of the University’s artifacts.
    • Manage and provide internal services including publicities, photography, graphic design, business cards, etc. to the AAU community and make a pool of audio visual resources and conference management tools to enable efficient delivery of such services;
    • Use and manage press/news release through audio visual materials, and organize media interviews, University media, news conferences and other means to reach the public;
  • Make sure that the good institutional image is maintained and communicate with insiders as well as outsiders;

Teams under the office

  • External Relations and Partnerships team
    • International Students Office
    • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Agreement
  • Communications team
    • Media Relations
    • Publication unit
    • Event management
    • Documentation