Overview of communications

The Communications Office was established in April 2010 under the Office of the Addis Ababa University President because the visual and verbal images AAU presents to off-campus audiences are important to the university’s success. It was due to the institutional transformation within the AAU and rapid changes in communications methods and technologies as well as continuing concern about representing the university consistently and accurately, the Communications Office is established. The Communications is now an inevitable wing of the university which governs university publications as well as advertising, photos and videos, and other forms of communications representing the university to broad audiences. A coordinated approach to presenting a consistent and accurate picture or image of the university was and is considered to be of significant benefit as the university presents itself to its publics, including alumni, donors, legislators, parents, prospective students and employees, taxpayers and others. The Office is policy is meant to better insure that communications representing the university is of high quality, present AAU consistently and accurately, and meet the requirements expected of a public institution.

Major responsibilities

The Communication units has the responsibility to enhance communication flow among diverse university’s public, both inside and outside, to build informed support for AAU’s engagements, develop and communicate messages to target audiences, crisis management schemes, and protect and advance the institutional image. Communications Office, therefore, drives communication strategies and implementations to support AAU’s bid to become a recognized flagship university. The communication team has the following units.