External Relations and Partnerships unit

The external relations and partnerships unit is primarily responsible  for  planning, coordinating and establishing University partnerships and collaborations with national and international Universities, multi/bi-lateral organizations, and donors, NGOs, embassies, foundations, businesses etc. and follow up their implementations. In order to gain support for the priorities identified by the University, this office further serves as  chief  liaison  between  the  AAU  and  Federal,  regional and  local government  offices  and  legislative  bodies. Besides, it regularly revises and submits the University external relations and partnerships strategies to the President to meet current trends.

 To meet up the above detailed objectives, the office works in bringing new collaborations, strengthening the existing ones, coordinating and facilitating the signing of new MoU’s with various local, national international institutions.

As Addis Ababa University works with local, national and international partners and collaborators, the partnerships and collaborations are in teaching, advisory/supervision, invigilation, joint research, funding, staff and student exchange.