The Addis Ababa University Audio-Visual Center handles the pre-production, production and post production of video contents. The video contents will be planned productions for a given purpose or mini-documentaries of an event- which can serve as proceedings of happenings. Produced video contents will be copied in duplicates if need arises and/or will be used as contents for video channels of the University like YouTube and the University website itself. The productions will be undertaken by office staff and other university staff which will help as talents.

Also, the center will archive university happenings in organized manner in digital video formats for further uses. Apart from video production, the center will facilitate press briefings that will be given for mass-media organizations, in a uniform mode.

Planned Video Productions

Video contents can be produced on requests from different units of the university and on issues which the Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications consider worth. When requests come from different units, there are some procedures they have to follow and logistics to avail.

Units should submit a concept note to the Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications about what they want to produce. The OERPC will look in to the proposal and see if the idea to be produced is something the university wants to communicate to the public. Also, OERPC will request the units to avail resources which will facilitate the production process. All requests are subject to approval by the University top Management.

Issues for production can be related to the teaching-learning process, research and community services which are undertaken by the University. Primary requirement for approval to produce a given content is the degree to which that issue is aligned with the University Positioning Statement. In a way, the content to be produced should reflect the activities of the University and its Brand.

On-Demand Productions

This kind of production will be for specific happenings as proceedings of events. University events including international, regional and national symposiums will be treated under this line of production. This will help the University to have sustained impact on its audience through the issues that are raised in different symposiums and workshops of greater importance.