Media relations unit

With regard to media relations, the office enhances the university wide events, international and national media coverage, sending media coverage letters to all electronic and print media outlets, preparing press release. Apart from inviting the media for our events, the office serves as a liaison between the university community and the media. Collect and organize contact details of media, governmental, Nongovernmental organizations and embassies housed at Addis Ababa to strengthen our collaboration and partnership, we have contacted all the relevant bodies and collected their contact details.

The media relation unit also coordinates and manages social media and website of the university.  The social media coordinator will collaborate with all divisions (external relation and communication) to create relevant content and interactive media experiences through the social sites (face book and twitter). The unit (social media) is expected to deliver regular updates concerning events and allover going activities in the university.

Event management unit

The other wing in which the office of external relations partnerships and communications is responsible is leading  the University events and designs,  develops  and manages  special  events  that  showcase AAU’s  excellence  and promote advocacy and support for AAU by mobilizing  the University working units, planning and preparing detailed proposals for events:  timelines,  venues,  supplies, manpower and budget. These university wide events are hoped to nurture and Create platforms to share information about the University’s academic programs, research, scholarship and public services. In this regard, OERPC is responsible in organizing, facilitating and enhancing university wide and international events.

Documentation unit

The office’s effort also goes to documentation and archive of all the university and international wide events administered at various campuses using both video and photo camera.