The Yellow Movement raises over 100,000 Birr

yello day finalThe Yellow Movement at Addis Ababa University has raised 107,400 birr as part of its endeavors in supporting female students at Addis Ababa University. In a ceremony held on Friday, March 13, 2015, the Yellow Movement organizers have handed over the money in cash to the University’s gender office. The money was raised in the yearly Valentine’s Day fundraising event from sell of flowers, wrist bands and collected donations from companies and individuals. The Movement is set to establish a scholarship fund that students in need of support could benefit from. The financial assistance female students receive from the scholarship fund will ease their life on campus and helps them secure basic needs while they attend their studies.

Yellow movement insidepage

The Yellow Movement is the Addis Ababa University students’ initiative started by a Law School lecturer and a group of students to speak up for women and girls’ rights. It was started two and half years ago to campaign for better protection of women from Gender Based Violence. It has now 30 core team members, both male and female, and many volunteers. The core activities of this initiative are organizing Weekly Table Day Activism, Bi-annual Blood Donation Event, Valentine’s Day Fundraiser, and the Yellow Movement Book Club.

The handover ceremony was attended by students, the movement’s supporters and university staff.  Members and supporters of the movement were also recognized on the ceremony and have received certificates.

A bigger challenge is set for the upcoming fundraising event, which the organizers will disclose timely.