Historical Background of the School of Commerce

Addis Ababa University School of Commerce (AAUSC) was established in 1943. Its objective was to train Ethiopians for occupations in the commercial sector of the nation following the five years of Italian occupation. For the first fifteen years of its existence, however, the institution was nomadic and continuously in search of students. Recruitment in the early years was hampered by both a limited supply of students and general scepticism about this new area of training. Indeed, the school's overall survival was never taken for granted during those formative years.
In the 1970s the school’s transformation was driven by its quest to attain a "Junior College" standing. The school was brought under the Commission for Higher Education in 1979, at that time becoming one of the few tertiary-level educational institutions in Ethiopia. In 1982 the new field of specializations were introduced and students were trained in the field of Accounting, Secretarial Science, Banking and Finance, and Purchasing and Supply Management was added to the curriculum, followed by the inclusion of Personnel Management and Marketing Management in 1988-89.
At present the School is part of the Addis Ababa University offering six undergraduate and two graduate programs. The undergraduate programs of the school are Accounting, Administrative Services Management, Business Administration & Information Systems, Finance and Development Economics, Marketing Management and Procurement and Supply Management. The school also runs post graduate programs in Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, and a support distance learning in Business Administration in collaboration with the Open University Business School UK. Besides, the school provides community services to the public in distance learning, short-term training, external examination and consultancy services.

Program Types

The School has played a major contribution to the nation through introduction and popularization of market oriented and relevant programs in the field of commerce. The school is known for undertaking need assessment before designing, introducing, and revising its curricula. The curricula of most public and private higher learning institutions in the field of commerce are more or less a carbon copy of the curricula of School of Commerce.
As a pioneer of business studies in Ethiopia, the school has designed innovative and highly demanded programs. The school’s programs are need driven with proven record of employment opportunities by private organizations, public enterprises, government agencies, and non governmental organizations.

The school has a well established linkage with the industry through attachment programs, community services including training, consultancy, employment testing services and graduate’s placement services. This helps the school to build a highly credible, strong, and valued image with a stature of a premiere business school in the country.

Currently the school runs the following programs. Under Graduate Programs: Regular and Extension
1. Accounting
2. Administrative Services Management
3. Business Administration and Information Systems
4. Finance and Development Economics
5. Marketing Management
6. Procurement and Supply Management

Under Graduate Programs: Distance Education

1. Business Administration and Information Systems

Graduate Programs: Regular and Extension

1. Master of Arts in Human Resource Management
2. Master of Arts in Marketing Management
3. Master of Business Administration (in collaboration with the Open University-UK)
Currently the school is finalizing its preparation to introduce three graduate programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Business Leadership and Banking and Finance based on identification of gaps in the labour market and inline with the GTP and the future direction of the university.

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